The list of the world’s most popular boxing heavyweights of all time!

The really popular game ‘Boxing’ is a battle sport in which 2 people slot in a challenge of power, pace, reflexes, stamina, and determination, by smashing punches through their gloved hands along with one another. The amateur boxing is together an Olympic as well as Commonwealth sport, which is a regular fixture in a majority of the main international sports events.

Boxing is one among the major historical as well as renowned games of all time. The international boxers are the admired players of each and every boxing admirer. Today, we are going to provide you a short review on best boxing heavyweights of all time.

Joe Louis

The iconic Joe Louis is mainly known as ‘the Man Who Beat the Hitler’. He is renowned as the brown bomber and has been described as an iconic American Boxer. He holds a record for being a victor of 66 matches, losing just 3, and won 52 knockouts. He used to be a faultless star for sure having a huge record. He used to be a nationwide hero for the natives of America and moreover a sign of pride.  For the duration of the world war, he was not only a boxer, but his bouts had societal, political and global importance.

Muhammad Ali

The boxing period of Mohammad Ali started from the year 1960 to 1981, and in each and every factor of boxing, he used to be spectacular. He was honest, thrilling and an unbeatable boxing champ of his era and was moreover the topmost entertainer within the world of boxing.  He boasted a record of a whole 56 wins from which 37 were the wins that he encountered during the knockouts. He witnessed just 5 losses in his entire career. He has also featured in a famous WWE event as a guest referee for the main event. He has moreover been boxer supporter other than only a boxer.

Mike Tyson

He is one among of the most powerful boxer of all time. The boxing period of Mike Tyson started from 1985 and ended in the year 2005. He used to be a well-known boxer of his era. In the period of the early 90s, Tyson used to be described as the invincible boxer who won over every contender who faced him in the ring.  He boasts a record of 50 wins under his belt from which 44 wins have been in the knockout games, and he lost just 6 matches.  He has been in the middle of the most discussed boxer and had an astounding glint in them.

Julio Cesar Chavez

The boxing era of Julio Cesar Chavez began from the year 1980 and subsisted till 2005. He comprises of a record, which articulates for him. He boasts a remarkable record of 107 wins from which 80 are the knockout wins, and lost only 6 matches overall.  He is a Mexican star who holds a 10-year record for witnessing no loss.  He has been measured as a dangerous fighter who forever entertained the audience through his boxing. He has got the title of the best fighter of Mexico under his belt.